About Us

Savetech has become the leading brand of LED lighting products for an entire range of functional lighting applications. Seeking to develop green lighting solutions that reduce operating costs, improve productivity and alleviate the world’s most pressing environmental challenges, Savetech is leading the way into a new era of environment friendly LED lighting.

SAVETECH was established in the year 2003 in Dubai as a General Trading company in the field of IT, network-cabling and other trading businesses. It now focuses on providing high end LED lighting solutions to the Middle-East in the brand name of SaveTech.

Our high quality standards are maintained by sourcing products from OEMs who are also suppliers for reputed leading world brands. Our products are of proven quality with 100 percent quality control and are thoroughly tested before introduction to market.

Our LED lighting products are manufactured in collaboration with leading manufacturers in China, India and other global partners who have ultramodern factories with high tech machineries from USA, Japan, Taiwan and Germany. The lighting sources and supporting components are sourced from leading LED chip manufacturers like Cree, Bridgelux (USA), Nichia, Sharp and Citizen (Japan), Samsung (Korea) and Epistar (Taiwan).

Our OEMs are organisations with ISO9001 and ISO2000 approved quality management systems and their production quality is assured by in-house quality control system. They use advanced testing devices such as thermal shock chamber test, temperature and humidity aging test, luminous and spectrum testing and 100 percent raw material quality testing in the production line up to the finished product to provide safe and guaranteed high quality.

All our OEM basis procured & marketed products are CE and RoHS approved, certified and marked with two years manufacturing warranty.

SAVETECH, being a professional marketing company with techno-craft oriented suppliers with excellent manufacturing technology, is able to provide totally satisfactory products to our end users and to our trade partners to use and market our products with confidence and customer satisfaction.